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Product Description:

Micro is excited to present the future in urban mobility - the emicro one. Packing a compact 500w motor in its rear wheel, it can achieve speeds of up to 25km/h; this scooter covers those 'micro' distances, fast. The range of the emicro one is approximately 10–15 km, dependent on the riding style, route profile and body weight of the rider.

Motion control is an exciting innovation in the world of electric motors. The powerful motor on the emicro one only starts when a certain speed is reached and the rider’s kick is detected. The emicro one is the culmination of years of innovative design and forward thinking. Smart, environmentally friendly and portable. See below the key features of the emicro:

emicro fast charging   Fast Charging
    The battery on the emicro will be fully recharged after 60 minutes.
Lightweight   Lightweight
    The emicro one weighs 7.5kg making it the most lightweight and compact electric scooter in the world.
Foldable scooter   Foldable
    Easy folding action, making it perfect for urban travel and commuting.
3 speed settings   3 Ride Programmes
    Choose from Eco, Standard and Sport modes. Each mode has a different max speed and max power the motor uses.
Braking   Regenerative braking
    As well as physcial braking the emicro uses rengerative braking. This charges the battery when you brake and creates shorter braking distances.
Assistance switch   Assistance Switch
    The brake can be used to cut the electric motor off completly, by pressing the brake three times in sucession. Do the same to reactivate.
Customised settings   Customise Tap Speed Settings
    Using the setting tool you can change between 3 pre-programmed speed settings.
Motor Hub   Integrated Motor Hub
    The Swiss designed motor is located inside the back wheel. It's small size and high rotation speed lets the motor produce an enormous 500 watts.
Dual wheel   Dual Core Wheel
    A worlds first in scooters. The wheels have a soft inside to absorb shocks and hard outside to extend their lifetime compared to rubber wheels.
Customised settings   Slope Support
    A feature of motion control that senses a slope and provides high power and torque to support uphill riding.
Auto on off   Auto On/Off
    An integrated sensor detects movement of the emicro one and turns it on. After some seconds of inactivity it will go into sleep mode to save energy.
display   Communication Display
    Four descrete LEDs build into the deck to show the speed setting the rider has chosen and how much charge is left.  
Free delivery   Free delivery
Swiss design   Swiss Design
Spare parts   Replacement parts available

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