e-Micro Condor


Product Description:

The emicro Condor is the ultimate electric scooter to cover longer distances with ease. With a 500w motor the emicro Condor can reach speeds of up to 25km/h (dependent on riders, terrain and route) complete with a range of 20km for rider autonomy. Operated by a two-way twist throttle alongside the new handbrake, this scooter ensures that journeys can be made safely and effortlessly. 

The 10.8kg electric scooter has an outstanding performance ability through the combination of EVA foam core technology, grip tape and the anti-slip rubber large 200mm tyres to absorb impact and vibration. The cruise control function makes the longer distances easy and not to mention comfortable to travel at a steady speed. Motion control is an exciting innovation in the world of electric motors. When in active mode the powerful motor starts when a certain speed is reached and the rider’s kick is detected.

Be seen and safe with the intelligent rear light with integrated brake light alongside a detachable front light for increased vison precision. The new emicro Condor embodies the utmost in electric functionality and design built with the commuter at the core.


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