Continental Touring Plus Tyres


Product Description:

Extreme puncture-proofing

  • this most popular touring tyre has extra puncture resistance, so no one is left standing by the roadside
  • finely laminated shoulder knobs grips safely whilst the central section makes for a comfortable & fast ride
  • maximum puncture protection thanks to a highly elastic special rubber insert which repels all kinds of foreign bodies
  • durable and grippy profile for puncture-free riding, mile after mile

Plus Breaker

Maximum safety

Between the tread and the carcass, a puncture protection of highly elastic special rubber is used. This practically impenetrable puncture protection successfully defies all types of foreign objects from getting to the inner tube below. Even a drawing pin cannot get through. Tyres with Plus Breaker can be seen in almost every segment nowadays: Whether racing cycles, MTB or city/trekking, the Plus Breaker guarantees maximum safety without negatively affecting the cycle properties of the tyre. The consistency of the breaker has been adjusted so that the tyre does not feel spongy when cornering. The Plus Breaker is true puncture protection. Please read the air pressure instructions!

ETRTO Dimension Technology Sidewall/Colour/Bead TPI Weight (G)
47-559 26 X 1.75 Plus Breaker black/black Reflex 3/66 500
28-622 700 X 28C Plus Breaker black/black Reflex 3/66 585
32-622 700 x 32C Plus Breaker black/black Reflex 3/66 605
37-622 700 X 37C Plus Breaker black/black Reflex 3/66 805
42-622 700 X 42C Plus Breaker black/black Reflex 3/66 900
47-622 700 C 47C Plus Breaker black/black Reflex 3/66 1025


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An all-rounder that offers everything that you would expect from a comfortable touring tyre 

  • an all-rounder for roads and paths that crowns every touring bike
  • with its extra puncture protection nobody will be left behind at the side of the road
  • updated version of the most popular tread design of all our touring tyres
  • ECE-R75 certified


The specialist tyre for fast e-bikes and rental bikes

For E-bikes, we have combined the SafetySystem Breaker with a highly elastic material. The result is an extremely puncture and cut resistant casing which, thanks to its high elasticity, gives especially low rolling resistance, saving battery power and the environment. The breaker also meets the demands of the higher speed e-bikes, of up to 50 km/h. The breaker is also adapted for the higher acceleration torque of e-bikes as well as the faster cornering speeds. The specialist tyre for fast e-bikes and rental bikes.


Optimized and recommended for e-bikes at speeds of up to 50 km/h, they guarantee low rolling resistance and good puncture protection with their extra high quality construction. The durability has been studied on e-bikes to prevent early wear and tear due to the additional drive force. Tyres with the ECO50 logo also have the ECE-R 75 test label which authorizes use on fast e-bikes up to 50 km/h.