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Em's Power Bites have been updated with new flavours and new packaging. They still remain the same great power packed bites you know and love though, and are perfect for that quick bite on the go. The new Choc Cranberry Craze bites use gluten free ingredients, and the Apricot bites have been updated and is now packed with zesty apricots, real dark chocolate, crushed almonds and dates. It is lower in fat, and has a beautiful flavour profile guaranteed to satisfy. Em's Power Bites give you all the endurance performance benefits as found in Em's full sized bars and cookies, but in an easy to use Bite-sized morsel. They are individually wrapped making them easy to plan your fueling plan when out competing or training, or make a great, lower calorie snack for energy-conscious snackers. They have been designed for high-intensity racing and endurance sports and each Bite provides between 95 and 117 calories from a blend of complex and simple sugars, plus a small amount fat and protein, making them the ideal fuel for long distance endurance activities. If you're following a gluten free diet or sensitive to gluten the Choc Cranberry uses 100% Gluten free ingredients.

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