Jetboil FluxRing SUMO Titanium Companion Cup 1.8L


Product Description:

The Sumo TI cup further reduces weight by 3.5 oz., compared to the standard Sumo cup. Sumo is big & fast, powering through cooking chores while sipping fuel.

When used with the all-season Sol/Sumo burner, 1.8 liter Sumo cup is a snow-melting powerhouse!

The versatile Sumo supports a myriad of packing configurations. Sumo stows a 100g or 230g can of fuel and burner base with room to spare, or a complete Sol or Zip system with 100g fuel. It is also capable of stowing a 450g fuel canister.

Compatible with Jetboil Sol, Zip, Flash, PCS, GCS and Sumo systems
Compatible with all PCS family add ons except the Coffee Press
Can fully stow a Sol or Zip system!
Companion cups are compatible with Jetboil systems only. Do not use with other heat sources, as it will void the warranty


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