Knog Blinder Road 250


Product Description:

The Blinder Road 2 is a hi-powered bike light specifically designed for road cycling. 
Delivering a 200 lumen beam of light, the Blinder Road 2 gives riders 100% visibility and freedom at night, all from a super-light, USB rechargeable, waterproof, integrated silicone package. With 8 light modes including 2 flash settings, the Road 2 will keep you well lit for up to 6 hours in eco flash mode.

Using two of the latest high-intensity Cree LEDs and incorporating both wide and narrow angle beams, the Blinder Road 2 floods any street in light, giving cyclists total night vision whilst being visible to others at over 1000m.


Lens : Use of an optic design to provide a balanced ratio of beam width and distance to safely illuminate you and the path ahead.

Constant Current Drive Tech: Maintains consistent brightness throughout specified run-time.

Integrated USB Plug: Designed to be exposed to the elements, the plug is also waterproof and will not be damaged by exposure.

Light Modes: Narrow, High and Dual Beam selection in both High and Low mode.. Total of 8 different light modes:

Burn Times: Low-beam modes: Steady 2hr, Flash mode 6hr. High-beam modes:Steady 1hr / Flash mode: 4hr.

Thermal Management: Automatically regulates the light output for optimum performance when the bike is stationary and in motion.

Bike Attachment: Two removable silicone straps for bars 22 - 28 mm / 29 - 35 mm. Helmet mount included

OUTPUT : 200 lumens

DIMENSIONS : 53 x 30 x 63mm.


MATERIALS : UV-Resistant Industrial grade silicone. Polycarbonate housing and PMMA Lens. Hard-anodised aluminium fascia.

USB : Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery

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