DZNuts Pro Mens Chamois Cream 120ml


Product Description:

DZNUTS Pro has been scientifically formulated with plant derived and natural ingredients just for guys, to help minimize the effects of chafing and burning when you're on the bike. DZNuts use a four point strategy to help treat and prevent saddle sores, by 1) Eliminating chaffing, the precursor of saddle sores; 2) providing and Anti-inflammatory action that soothes irritated skin; 3) Special active ingredients to heal existing saddle sores; and 4) Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients to reduce the chance of infection. Available in a 120gram tube, you can apply DZNuts to your chamois or directly onto the effected skin area. This formula is suitable for both real and synthetic chamois. DZNuts Pro is also available just for women in DZNuts Bliss.

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